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I have worked with many clients at various stages of advance illness and I am proud at how I’ve been able to help them and their families.

Watching a loved one die can be one of the most difficult journeys in someone’s life. Shannon’s calming presence and sensitive suggestions provided us direction to ensure we made the best decisions when it came to Robert’s well-being as well as ours. This allowed us to be present for him, while taking care of ourselves. Thanks to Hospice and generous donations from loved ones we had all the necessary equipment and amenities to keep him comfortable, but more often than not you are not clear if what you are doing is helping or hindering. With Shannon’s guidance we were able to take the necessary steps to keep Robert at home, protected and relaxed, while ensuring we understood his needs. Shannon’s supportive presence throughout this journey made our last moments with Robert beautiful and he left us at peace surrounded by those who loved him so dearly.

Tracie Stubbs, 49, Teacher

Shannon has been my companion, friend, and beacon of light in my life. For a year [I] learned from her not only to accept the approaching end of my journey here with dignity, but that the end of my life is a natural part of the human cycle. She showed me how to live every day to the fullest and enjoy every moment thoroughly until that moment arrives. Shannon made me feel completely at peace with God’s plans for me and I know that she will be there, guiding not only at the moment of passing, but when [I] arrive to a wonderful, beautiful new place.

Former Client

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