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What is MIDEO™?

My Informed DEcision On video, or MIDEO™, is the only physician guided video based advanced directive that speaks for you if you cannot. It is designed as a patient safety tool at any age and any stage. The video is linked to a barcode on an ID card scan-able with a smartphone. MIDEO™ is clear, concise, easily and quickly interpreted by healthcare professionals. The video safety statement is accessed within seconds of scanning the QR barcode on a MIDEO™ card.

Certified Advance Care Planning Educator (ACPE)

An Advanced Care Planning Educator is a member of a the MIDEO™ team. They help guide people through the process of completing necessary health forms and making their MIDEO™ physician appointment. They are a professional voice in organizations and communities.

What role do I play as an ACPE for you in the MIDEO™ process?

  • An accessible resource to educate you on advanced care planning and MIDEO™ advanced directives.
  • A coordinator and facilitator for the MIDEO™ appointment process.
  • A liaison between you and your MIDEO™ trained physician.
  • A supportive advocate for your safety.
  • An educator, facilitator and guide through the MIDEO session, which makes it any easy, comfortable and powerful way to make your wishes known.

Why have MIDEO™?

  • First and foremost, PATIENT SAFETY.
  • Provides quick, clear instructions for health care teams.
  • Notifies of specific health conditions that may require change in protocol.
  • Clarifies Living Will, which is often lengthy or vague.
  • Includes physician guidance to ensure full understanding.
  • Provides clarity, reduces stress, confusion, and conflicts for the family.

I am so thankful that Shannon introduced the MIDEO™ card to me because, being a widow, with family out of state, MIDEO™ provides me with peace of mind that my wishes will be heard and interpreted correctly.

-MIDEO™ client

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